I have played with 2WD Slashes in stock and LCG configurations and with Velineon VXL brushless and with Castle 4600 and Mamba Max Pro both in 2s and 3s LiPo configurations.

I would like to pick up a 1/16th rally car to play with and was thinking of picking up a new roller and putting in my Castle set up but wondered if this is total overkill for this car on motor size?
Something tells me they are hot little cars with the Velineon 380 motor and that since I can run 11.1v on that set up I can have all the power I need? So do I keep the 4600kv or go with the Velineon?? Run the VXL ESC or put in my Mamba Max Pro?

Any input or experiences to share would be helpful and appreciated! What works best in your opinion and why and what tires do I want for blacktop and concrete?

Thanks in advance........