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    Over the years I have seen a ton of integy bashing and for that reason have generally strayed away from their products. A while ago I purchased a motor fan which has proven to be a sturdy, reliable addition to my bashing sessions. Most recently I opted to try their XHD Steel Drive-shafts for my 3s-4s mamba Stampede 4x4 basher. So far I am sold!
    I have beat the "you-know-what" out of this thing for just a couple of days now and they are holding on great!
    I did lose a set screw/pin the second day, probably because I didn't wait long enough for the loctite to set, but the traxxas #4928x HD yokes come with a spare set that supplemented just fine!
    Finally I have a set-up that can Bash-without-breaking every session!
    I'll keep you updated! I was out of the scene for a good 6 months because I was sick of replacing drive shafts after being on the "waiting list" for the OEM steel equivalent.
    Ya, ya, ya...I know, I could just slow it down a bit and take it easy, but why harness the power if you can't release it every now and then?
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