I'm new in the RC world and I would like to know how can I charge in same time my 2x 7.4v 7600mAh LiPo batteries with the EZ-Peak Plus charger if the charger has maximum 6Amps.

And also two 8.4v 3300mAh NiMh with same charger.

This is what I have:

Charger: http://buy.traxxas.com/product_info....oducts_id=5395

Dual adaptor: http://buy.traxxas.com/product_info....oducts_id=9875

2x LiPo Bat: http://buy.traxxas.com/product_info....oducts_id=5367

2x NiMh Bat: http://buy.traxxas.com/product_info....oducts_id=5397

Car: Traxxas Summit 1/10

Thank you so much for your help