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    Repeating error 2 MSG on Onyx 245 charger?

    Bought a Venom 2S 30C batt. 2 mo. ago and it started giving me an error 2 MSG on my charger a couple days ago. Error 2 turns out is a bad connection. The plug on this battery is removable and I did notice that the third smaller plug on it was somewhat frayed. I purchased a brand new plug for it thinking this would solve my problem but no, error 2 yet again?! Any ideas what to try next? Venom said they'd replace it but would rather fix it than wait 2 weeks for a new one.

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    I'm sorry, Traxxas does not allow support of other manufacturers' products - in this case the Venom battery - on their forums. Your best bet is always to contact the manufacturer...and do what they suggest.
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