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    Which temperature gun [in UK?]

    Anybody had any experience with this one?

    If not which one do you recommend?
    Not sure to go with a gun like the link or get a gauge...

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    I've found out unless you are racing and at the pro level where every little thing counts, it's not necessary to have a Top Notch temp gauge/gun.... I'm not sure of that mfr, but the Duratraxx Flashpoint is one of the more popular hand held gauges for about $25.00 U.S. Not sure if they are sold in the U.K. by anyone there though...

    I've compared the Flashpoint against $200.00 Raytek's which are supposed to be one of the most accurate... The difference is like 2 degrees f/barely 1 degree c in difference with my tests.. I have one handheld that's made by Odonnell's that is pretty good as well. Also hand held...

    Now as far as on board temp guages, I'm not a big fan of them. Their sensor is not located where most mfr's refer to temps from which is the glow plug, on boards have the sensors mounted on the outside of the cooling head and that's a different location... One brand I know I will not use is the Venom Smart temp failsafe temp guage, it has been found to be as much as 20 degrees f off and that's no good. The Traxxas on Board seems to be pretty decent, but finding a place for it where you can read it with the body on seems to be a bit of an issue... So I just use a hand held... After a while of using these engines I only use the temp guage when there is a major change in weather, a change in fuel, a new motor, or a change to the motor in any form.... After that, it pretty much rests in my pit box.....

    The main purpose of the temp guage is to prevent you from running under 200 degrees f, or over 270 degrees f. The rest is really up to the operator to get the tune down...
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