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    Post Part 2820 with Traxxas Summit 1/16 Brushed

    I got my Summit recently and the stock NiMH are just too slow for me now. So I'm looking into purchasing LiPOs. I think I've found the right battery, it's just I'm not sure. Other than a charger, what other accessories do I need?
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    What is the voltage of your NiMh when fully charged?

    The reason I ask is that a fully charged 2S LiPo actually has less voltage than a fully charged stock NiMh pack.... and voltage is a direct correlation to speed. What this boils down to is that LiPo is actually slower than the NiMh for the first few minutes of the run.

    LiPo speeds are more consistent and due to the way LiPo's discharge.. they have a flatter voltage curve; 4.2v/cell is full and 3.4v/cell is dead... only a .8v difference/cell (1.6v/2S pack) vs NiMh @ 1.6v/cell full and 1.1v/cell for a dead cell... a .5v/cell difference (3v/6C pack). However, you will get up to speed faster with LiPo than with NiMh because of higher discharge rates.

    So if you want to go faster with LiPo, you would need 3S packs as well as a different ESC.
    Also plan on replacing parts as they break due to all the extra power.

    I would consider going brushless.
    Stock V380 motor with an aftermarket ESC.
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