As most of you are aware, I snapped a prop shaft about a month ago. I lost the prop, drive dog, nut, and the shaft was obviously broken. I ordered some parts to hopefully make it much more durable. While I'm at it, I'm tearing down the Spartan to see what I can improve. So far, what I've ordered is as follows:

- .187 prop shaft from
- Aeromarine collet
- Drive dog from
- Prop nut from
- GrimRacer 40mm X 52mm 3 blade prop
- Glass filled 40mm X 56mm 2 blade prop
- Glass filled 45mm X 63mm 2 blade prop
- Glass filled 47mm X 65.8mm 3 blade prop

So far, I have the props and collet. The collet looks massive compared to the stock coupler so I don't expect to have any issues there. The 47x65 3 blade prop looks way too big, the 45x63 looks like it may work, the 40x56 looks similar to stock, and the metal 40x52 looks perfect. It has a good bit of pitch and cup to it, and it's a 3 blade... however it's only 40mm in diameter so it might not be too much. Only testing will tell