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    forward to reverse.

    So I just got my Summit yesterday and I am wondering why I have to come to a stop before I can go into reverse, can I change it so I don't have to? When crawling I'd like it not to be that way.

    Also, is the summit allways in 4wd? I assume it is.

    Thanks guys.

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    That's an option I would like to see when crawling and climbing too!

    As it is, it's really Fwd then brake then Rev, but at slow speeds it's pretty much stop. It takes some finger finesse to semi-skip the brake aspect

    You always have power going to the front and rear diffs. You can select how you lock the diffs though. Also if you haven't read it somewhere yet, it's suggested to lock the axles when or near stopped.
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    No option to turn off the delayed reverse .It is for brakes
    Without that feature when in high gear
    You will be breaking takes a bit of getting use to.
    Yes it is in 4wd all the time.just with the option of locking the diffs.

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    okay guys thanks for the replies. I'll adjust with time. This thing is sooo much fun!

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