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    Cool hot racing alloy gearbox

    Anyone used this to success at all ? ebay item no. 170919860541, HR item no. TE12GX01
    Been thinking about picking it up but not sure as i dont wanna ruin it now ive got it working again lol

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    I've just picked one up and I'm about to give it a go, see:

    It isn't alloy though, the case is plastic.

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    I'm running one right now and love it. Very good choice. The actual gearbox is graphite and the motor plate is alloy. Still works good a dissipating heat but not near as good as an all aluminum one. Just think of that as a huge heat sink.

    TE12GX01 - Bolted Down
    TE12GX01 - Installed & Car Complete

    Just to give you an idea what it looks like bolted down.
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    I have two of these and they work very well and has held up to bashing. The graphite case keeps weight down and the aluminum motor plate adds strength and cools the motor.
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