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    TQi not linking to Iphone

    I put my Iphone today and I cant get the unit to link to the radio. I tried another receiver, not sensing the receiver either. When I turn it on, it controls the car but my Iphone app is not going green for the transmitter or receiver and not allowing me access to any features through the app.

    Anyone else? I just updated to the new app version as well.....still nothing.

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    Mine is doing same exact thing. Was working great iphone linked green light for tx and Green light for rx then they both went red. But my tx still worked with rx cant link to iphone anymore. Don't know what to do I tried ask the fixes I've read here and still nothing. Help

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    My iphone worked perfect on my TQI telemetry. The first time
    you turn on the app link it will ask to update, upgrade.
    Nomeu if I do so:
    1 - I connect my iphone and the screen BreakingBenjamin-Interlocking
    2 - I turn tranmissor
    3 - traxxas link app automatically starts

    Note: usually give some error but just repeat the procedure again
    it boots normally.

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    I have this problem from time to time with my i-phone 4. I have to unistall the traxxas app and reinstall it and I may have to do that a couple of times inorder for it to work. The funny thing is I have 3 TQi remotes and it doesn't matter what remote it is that is the only way I can get it to work. Also my son has the i-pod 4 and it does the same thing, have to uninstall the app and reinstall it in order for it to work, and you may have to do it a few times before it will work. I sure hope Traxxas comes out with a fix for it cause I love using it with the app.

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