I got a small problem. Something is wrong with this brushless setup. I have a new 2wd slash. I got a brushless setup from a guy in here. He said it worked with nimh batteries but not lipos, that was the only thing wrong with it. But I put it all on and programmed it. When I give it throttle it jitters but then it will take off. Then hit the brakes try to go reverse. It won't budge. When my lil boy pushes it it then goes in reverse. Is I stop it will jitter or stutter when trying to go in reverse but then it will take off and go. If I stop and try to go forward. It won't move. Then after 10 secs of back and forth in goes forward. When it won't move in a certain direction I can lift the back of the car and it will spin both ways perfectly. But when on the ground won't change directions. By rolling it back and forth helps it shift. I checked the battery, ive checked the gear lashing and the programming. All is fine. What's wrong with it.