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    Does a stock new Revo should wheelies?

    I just finished breaking and tuned my engine and I was wondering if it's normal that it doesn't wheelie. Maybe it's a sign that it's not properly tuned? Everythink is stock exect for ride height (shafts level).

    BTW, my goal is not to have it wheelie.

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    Keep an eye on your slipper clutch, they are famous for coming loose when new, you want it tight enough that the gear leaves a mark on your thumb when you turn it while locked, I run mine tighten right down but don't do that

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    yes it is normal the way it is..
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    Keep its center of gravity as low as possible and you should be fine. Even though I don't want mine to wheelie it nearly does at times even in 2nd gear if I do it right.

    But in short, out of the box and properly tuned it can wheelie.

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    My experience: Wheelies = need slipper clutch tight = more often replacing stripped spur gear

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    you can lean it out more, but just watch your temps.

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