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    After purchasing a revo about 2 months ago I immediately replaced the shock oil. When I push down on the rear of the revo one side rises faster then the other, if I do the same on the front it lifts in a level fashion. I ve removed the rear shocks and they don't look bent or anything. I'm planning to disassemble them & replace the oil. Can the oil in the shocks just be topped up or is it best to replace it. How often should the shock oil be replaced? Thanks
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    replaced the oil.. with the revo suspension and the pipe in the back directly over teh shocks... you have inconsistent shocks.. all in all you should replace the oil...
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    Make sure there's no binding in the slower rebounding shock. Could be the pillow balls in the axle carrier are too tight.
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    Ditto Double G. I have fought this before and found that it was the pillow balls. I replace the oil in my shocks every month or so as maintenance. Especially with rear exhaust.

    Now, I just replaced all my shocks 3 months ago with XO piggy backs and I must say, what a HUGE difference! They are slightly more expensive than most shocks but worth every penny IMO.
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