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    upgraded to single Hitec ....

    Hi guys so I've upgraded to the Hitec single servo (I can't remember witch #) but I'll want to install a aluminum horn at the very least,and possibly an entire aluminum steering set up. If you've done this what are you using and where can I find it. Everything I'm finding looks much longer than the stock plastic one that is stock.
    It would be great if I could decrees my turning radius (turn tighter)...

    I contacted Traxxas about having 2 striped servos and they dropped 2 new replacement gear sets in the mail to me. I'll have two for something else now.

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    I just use the single sided steering arm from GH Racing and an aluminum servo arm, whatever fits. Use the stock link between the 2. You can then do a the washer mod, which is adding a small washer under the narrow part of the servo saver spring to help stiffen it up.

    You can do the small aluminum piece that the steering bolts to (under the steering bell crank)... it helps reduce flex. But the aluminum cross piece that holds the arm pins in... that one isnt really necessary IMO.

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