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Thread: OS upgrade?

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    OS upgrade?

    I'm interested in upgrading my 3.3 motor with an OS MAX 21TM. is the standard revo drivetrain strong enough to handle this motor(I have a t max with an RB TM523 & it eats parts frequently)? I'm currently running on a forward only transmission. Would it be a good idea to upgrade to a 3 shoe clutch & what's a good tuned pipe for the OS motor? Any ideas on parts & upgrades? Thanks
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    I personally am a fan of the ERCM pipe for any motor. Only bad part about that pipe is that there is no way to run out out the back like a normal revo pipe. A 3 shoe clutch is probably a good idea especially for racing.
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    Haha wow it sounds like my Tmaxx!!!! I've killed 3 trannys before the rb kit and 2 steel drive shafts and a couple spur gears lol

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    I've had my os21tm for a couple weeks now and about 3/4 a gallon or 2.5L of fuel through it and I'm still running a stock style clutch with a single chamber exhaust and the stinger bored out with the smaller style air filter, also running a "Stock" second gear instead of a close or wide ratio with a 16/36 clutch and spur. I'm also running the plastic center shafts with Traxxas cvd's, forward only and no center dif with smallish tires (t-maxx chevrons and hpi dog bones).

    So far this is the best she's ever run and behaved, wheelies on command and no need for "FULL THROTTLE" with that said I think the os21tm is a great "drop in upgrade" and the drive line should be able to withstand a modest power upgrade without too much breakage but then again I've only been running this setup for a couple weeks now so only time will tell.

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    I have the .21Tm in my platinum revo with a Buku pipe it's great lots of power. I had the engine and pipe in my Slayer but it was way to fast couldn't control it so I switch them out.
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