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    E-maxx 3906 upgrade vs New Stampede VXL

    Hey guys i was hoping someone could help me out.
    I recently bought my brother a Stampede vxl (3500kv) for his birthday. Watching him have a blast with it inspired me to brush off the dust that had collected on my old 3906 E-maxx. After racing the trucks a coulpe times ive found that the E-maxx doesnt keep up with the stampede at all... and ive found my self having more fun zipping around and jumping my brothers stampede.
    Sooo my question is: Should I attempt to upgrade my Emaxx or should I see what i could sell it for and save my money for another Pede to race my brother with?

    Is it worth investing all my time and money into my maxx?

    Thanks for your input!

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    if you plan to go brushless with the emaxx then you have to upgrade a bit of the stuff first before it can handle brushless and then you have to think about 150-280 for a good brushless sytem and then lipos for it as well x2. figure about 125 tops maybe on upgrades then add 200 for power system so 325 is right there for an upgraded emaxx 3906 might not be worth it atleast looking at it for me.
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    upgrade the maxx, the little bit extra that it might cost will be worth it, 4wd>2wd all day any day. Or you could sell it and save a little bit more and buy a 4x4 pede, about $60 more than a vxl pede. A vxl pede is fun, but when you get into tall grass, soft dirt/sand, mud, or rougher terrain, it gets really old saving it, an emaxx gets through more a lot easier, and is A LOT more controlable in the air.
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