I have an Emaxx mamba monster 2200kv running 6s. I havennt ran it in a while but I decided I want to get back into the hobby. I decided on transfering all parts to the FLM chassis soon once it comes in. I want to design the truck around high speed handling and bashing around the house with small jumping, no 30 footers or anything. I have RPM A Arms front and rear and some junk ebay aluminum shocks from Ebay that when you press down on the truck, the shocks dont rebound up and return to normal ride height. I am looking for an affordable shock around $60, which the Big Bores by Traxxas seem to offer. Are these still good technology since they have been around for a while or is there some latest and greatest craze. Also thought about upgrading springs to RC Raven dual rates and 50 wt shock oil. YES or NO, THOUGHTS????