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    Off Road Treads for my Jato

    Hey i know i just threw up another thread earlier but i figured you guys could give me some input on what offroad tires to throw on my jato. Im looking for the best sand/dirt tires i can find as i run my jato alot in sand pits. I really like the proline badlands and the trenchers but i know there are more out there. Im also looking for a good option for a front tire? I currently have andacondas in front and talons in the back(just the way i bought it used)
    Tell me your opinions and throw down some pictures of your setup.

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    Fronts- Definetly go ribbed. I run dirt and the anacondas sucked, and all the terrain tires didnt do great. Ribbed was awesome. For the rear- idk maybe a paddle to run in the sand pits.

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