Guys I got a couple questions about my LiPos that I couldn't find searching the forums. Never ran my chopter LiPos enough to deal with this so this is new to me. I keep reading about tossing puffy LiPo's. Three of mine are very much puffy BUT it is all air. They are all Onyx 3S, one 6400 and 2 5000. I assume when people refer to a puffy cell they mean the cell itself. But I continue to replace parts in my truck and find it becoming more of an investment (of love not money) and would hate to see it go up in smoke. I would rather be safe than smoking.

If it is obvious the cell is swelled but only due to air in the pack, is the pack OK? It charges and discharges fine and never gets hot, no matter how hard I run it.

And for my EXO Terra, I have a ***** 5000 hard shell pack. Is there any way to tell when these batteries start to go bad? Will they start to run hot? I obviously can't see the cell swell with the hard case. I got this pack with the car. Would probably not have bought it myself. Not familiar with that brand name. Thanks guys for any help.