Hey all,

My most recent project for the P4DE is the Truggy. Since the pictures were taken, I've added stiffer Integy progressive springs, 50wt oil in the front, and 80wt oil in the back. The gladiators are good all around tires for dirt/grass/sand, but they don't do too well on the wet hardpack clay track in the videa. But they did ok. I'm curious how a set of 1/8 scale buggy tires would do on this track and truck.

The truck still has a tendency to bottom out on the jumps (causing unwanted nose dives), but I was able to get a few good laps in after some practice. Take a look at the video. I think I still need stiffer oil because I do tend to rebound too much after landing flat. These wide offset wheels put a lot more torque on the a-arms requiring more damping. More testing to come