I am going to be building an ERBE, so far I got a roller from Rag 6 on the way. I ordered a hobbywing 120amp eesc with 2700kv 4 pole motor, and two SPC 2s lipos.

I want to build a mostly offroad basher with occasional on pavement runs. Not that interested in speed but would like to keep up with at least a revo 3.3 offroad. Will the system I have coming allow that or will I need a bigger motor?

The roller has the trx sway bars, I have optional rockers and some other parts already. What are some good springs to have on hand? What spring/pushrod combo will get me low but stiff enough to run fast on road?

I will be browsing the forums in the meantime but please feel free to comment and make suggestions, I had a big block revo, but didn't have any love for nitro at all. So I am now looking at building the truck I really wanted to begin with.