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    Someone install telemetry on is E-Maxx?

    I bought a brand new Tqi remote (4Ch w/5Ch Rx and Docking Base).Il will receive in 1-2 week.I want to install all the telemetry.

    -Did someone install this kit???
    -Part needed??
    -Blue X-maxx
    -E-Maxx 60.2mph
    -Spartan 48.2mph

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    this shoud have all the part #s and parts needed for ya

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    I have a 3903 dual titan 550 motors bushed I want to install telemetry on my e maxx any help would be great thanks

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    If you look on the top of Traxxas's home page, you can select different interests. One of them is Telemetry. If you pick that, and then pick the Emax picture; it will tell you all the goodies you will need along with the part numbers. This season was my first year for using it. I have it on my Emax, Spartan, and XO-1, and it works very well. I use a iPod touch that doesn't have the 8 blah, blah .2 software in it. I don't know if Traxxas fixed their application yet, to go with the new iPhone, but if they didn't, make sure what ever you use will work before you buy all your parts.

    I would like to see Traxxas, in the near future, offer their own little plug in monitor instead of having to depend on Apple and Droid.

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