i'm new to this hobby and bought a merv. after one week i burnt up the esc. i'm running twin onyx 1300 lipos. 11.1v 1300mah 14w. im using the parallel adapter pt #3064 with the 28 tooth pinion gear. instead of replacing the esc, i think i just want to upgrade the esc and motor. my question is what would be the best motor and esc combo for my current combo. i dont want something that im gonna have to upgrade the slipper clutch and transmission with. all the research i been doing is leading me towards the castle creations sidewinder 1/10 scale sv2 4pole combo. 4700 i think. if i do that. what other parts do i need to make it compatable with the merv? motor mount etc. i have upgraded all the suspension, drive shafts axle carriers etc.

any help would be greatly apreciated.