Just reading thru many posts and I see many really think they can run and run without greasing the cable. I ALWAYS remove the cable after a couple runs. I remove it then wipe it down and if I am running again I do the below actions. If you are done for the day then wipe the cable down, put some oil on it and keep it in the hull or a plastic baggy until the next days running. Do not leave the cable in the stuffing tube. Even greased up the grease can dry and cake up. Not bad to shoot some cleaner down the stuffing tube from the engine side as well to get any old grease and gunk out of the stuffing tube.

I run just some pennzoil wheel bearing grease in the tubes from walmart but then I use just some regular oil in a dripper and drip some oil down the cable after greasing it. This makes a very slick formula.

I try not to get any from where the coupler connect on the cable.

If you are getting water in the hull then go to the auto store and grabl a few vacuum line caps and drill a hole the size of the cable and CA it over the stuffing tube end....this will help any water coming up the tube.

Just a couple tips but they can make the differnence. Resistance is our enemy.