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    E-Revo - Power Loss after a few seconds of use

    Hi all,

    I bought an e-revo 3 years ago. Since the beginning, we have been going through issues. First, the electric engines burned after less than 3 minutes of use. We changed 2 of those as Traxxas gently sent us replacement for free. We then used the e-revo for some time without much issues as we kept sure engines were not warming up too much. We stopped using the e-revo as we left from country side to the city. We know have been trying to use it again. We bought some new batteries. Charged them and plugged them into the E-revo. After reprogramming the EVX and making sure all was in place and ready for a ride, we started ... but first set of brand new batteries just melt. Bought some new ones (Orion this time) as the we felt first one could have been rubbish. Erevo started but after just a few seconds (no more than 5), the erevo slowed down and stopped....

    Does anyone has a solution ?


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    batts how many cells, mAh, & C rating?? Lipo?? NiMH??

    batts just melted, making me thinking something is dead shorting?? when you plug in the batts.
    What motor(s) & ESC??
    Would you go flip my truck back over??

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