Hello everyone,

I finally finished to install the mmp 2400 combo, 17T pinion and a revo slipper cluch in my stampede 4x4.
Also i have MIP front and rear and a 3s 5000mha battery, so the car is pretty heavy.
I did a test run and man this thing is flying even with the added weight.
Now to my questions :
1.I saw in the internet that the car can do a full back flip form standing, do i need special tuning to do that?
2.What is the maximum speed with those upgrades?
3.Does the mmp combo can handle the added weight?
4.I thinking to put a rool cage to protect all the electronics, what do you say?
5.Do you know if there's a good shock sleeve for the pro line shocks to protect from the sand and the dirt?
Thanks for your help.