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    TRAXXAS FORD F150 RAPTOR, Dual batteries

    i have a brushless setup with a traxxas velineon 3500 can i run two batteries in this setup with out cooking the esc? i have a 5000mah 7.4v can i run two?
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    I'm going to say no pretty sure the vxl tops off at 11.1 volts

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    Not 100% but I think the answer is no, assuming you mean run in series.

    Parallel - Same voltage, same speed but more runtime and more amps I think.
    Series - Double voltage, double speed, but amps will be the same and runtime will depend on load.

    The VXL-3S ESC is only rated for 3S I believe so wont handle a series config (which would give you 4S).

    Someone more knowledgable than me will probably along to help but thats the way I think it works.

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    You can run the batteries in parallel (5000mah + 5000mah= 10000mah) to get longer run times. They need to be the same mah and it's best to have to identical batteries. You cannot run two lipo's in series (2s + 2s= 4s) because the velineon has protective circuitry that prevents it from turning on with this much voltage.
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