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    worst physical accident?

    i thought this would be fun, but by all means if this becomes too much of a problem, mods feel free to delete----anyways i figured everyone could post the worst accident they have ever encountered. i have been in two accidents that are pretty even on the down side.... when i was 4 i was jumping from bed to bed in our hotel room, i fell short and hit my head on the metal bed frame, ripping part of my lip off- and thats not the worst part, in the hospital a nurse had me consume cocaine! it really messed me up, they had the paddles in the room along with sevral other things of equipment... and when everything was all said and done, they tried to charge us for the cocaine!!!!!!!!!! another accident was when i was bmx'ing, long story short my handle bars ended up spinning arround and i happened to be launched forward while the end of the handle bar was facing towards me, the handle bar went through my leg..... after my leg was stitched up the doctor said i was very lucky, that the handle bar was milimeters away from hitting the artery in my leg...

    thats my story- lets hear some of yours

    P.S. really sick, not really thinking straight, so if there are any spelling or grammer error's thats why
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