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    Servo Help Needed

    So i haven't been posting as much lately b/c i have been busy keeping two Savage XS trucks in running condition. They aren't mine so they get beaten, destroyed, and abused. They are tough trucks! No diff failures yet on 2s with locked slippers.

    Since i robbed the 2075 traxxas servos for the Savage XS trucks I am in the market for a replacement. Those trucks come with a stock servo that is pushing 40oz...

    Coming from the stock two 2075 blue servos I assume I need at least Titanium, 300oz, and .15 seconds. Anything better is icing on the cake. I may one day try 1/5 scale bow ties, hence the need for 300oz. Check post #156, last picture in 87GN thread below.

    I will be running at maximum 7.4V with a Castle BEC.

    My first choice is 7945TH. At $140 any alternate suggestions are welcomed.

    I was looking at the 7954 but changed my mind after reading that Steel gears wear faster than anything else. I've been through dogbones and cups in this truck enough to know that metal on metal wears very quickly. I don't want that in my servo.

    Let me know if there are any similar servos for cheaper price.
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    774 check out this one I run these in my summit and they are working fantastically
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