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    Automotive brake cleaner?

    Has anyone used automotive brake cleaner to clean their trucks with? Does it hurt anything?

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    Brake cleaner, will take paint off of cars, eat your fingers, and make you go blind just from too much fumes... So ya, DON't use it on anything that has plastic or rubber on it. If your cleaning out the inside of your engine, it works great, but that's about it. Hope this helps!
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    Yeah don't use it on the body. Just use regular soap and water for that. But everything else (except on electronics) it will work on fine. It will leave a white residue on the plastics but it'll wipe off easy. I have a can of Losi Nitro cleaner I picked up at the LHS just out of curiosity and it smells and reacts identical to regular automotive brake cleaner.

    I use brake cleaner to get the air filter oil residue off my hands. That stuff just seems to never come off with any other hand cleaner. Plus if you have any small cuts on your hands the brake cleaner will clean them out real good. It'll burn but it works.
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