Hey all, I have an issue as stated in the thread title. I bought myself a slash 2wd today from the LHS. to my pleasant surprise as I went through the box (never looked at the stuff printed on the box, just paid the 260.00 and walked out lol), it came with a TQi. well my happiness didnt last long. I had a brushless motor/ESC in a box and a set of big bores so I installed them all and when I went to run my slash for the first time I found out i had no throttle at all. I could steer left and right all day, but no forward or reverse. I tried re-setting and re-binding the radio to rx, nothing. played with it for an hour before grabbing another radio system and the truck ran normal. I hooked up the TQi to another truck, same problem. Bench tested it using the Xl5 and motor I just took off the slash and another XL5 and motor i had in a box..same thing. I hooked up the ESC to channel 1 and when I turned the wheel the motor ran normal so I know for sure its a radio system issue and not in the ESC/motor . My question is, where do I go from here? Is there anything I can do here at home to get it working or is it a defect? if I call traxxas will they require a reciept to do anything? when I bought it, I paid cash and the receipt printer was out of ink so I told the guy working to not worry about it as I was running late and ive never ever had a problem OTB with a traxxas product and I've owned 5 traxxas rigs. I'm pretty bummed out and just wanna get this thing working properly. I dont feel I should have to go back to running an AM radio because the good 2.4 system it came with is broken. thanks for any help and advice.