Hello, I have been lurking in this forum for a couple of months now and I am thinking about getting a Summit in about 4 months. This means that I will have plenty of time to plan everything that I want such as LIPO's and bulletproofing and such. This also means envy to everyone else who already has a Summit.

I have a job where I am not always home so I will not always have time to make repairs (though I am sure they would be fun to do) so I would like to have a fairly bulletproof setup such as the skid plates and such.
I would also like to have the efficiency of a brushless sensored setup without all the drivetrain problems.

I will have plenty of money to spend at first on this project (tax returns) but I will not have much to spend on it till the wife's minivan is payed off so I would like to get it close to right on the first round or two.

So, to the actual questions: brushless or dewalt? what drivetrain upgrades if I go brushless? Aluminum frame advantages (bigger batteries?) And other questions that I need to ask but am too ignorant to know such as added weight problems, etc. Not planning on 4 wheel steering or FPV though I do admire these.

What I really need is the best of the best list, though everyone is different with different uses. I will be doing trailing, bashing (light jumps maybe) and light rock climbing.

Price limit: doesn't matter as long as it is worth it. And cosmetics are nice but not super high on the list.

Oh yeah, wife wanted me to add that my 3 girls would probably like to drive it every once in a while.

Thanks in advance for helping me with this, I am looking forward to the replies.