I have lately destroyed 2 sets of lipos cause i was unaware that they have to be stored in a fridge. Before I make my new order for lipos i want to make sure that i have a decent place to store them in and since i dont wanna store them in my parents fridge cause they wouldnt like the idea i am looking for a mini fridge that i can keep in my room.

After doing a little research my concern here is that i couldnt find any mini fridge that you can set it on whatever temperature you like but instead these mini fridges temperature depends on the room temperature, most commonly running at temperatures 10-20 degrees lower than that of room temperature but off-course cannot go lower than a certain a point, for example if room temperature is 10 degrees it wouldnt go -10 degrees. This means that the temperatures will be changing over the day. I want something were i can set the temperature to a fixed number and dont have to worry about it.

Did anyone of you had any experience with mini fridges? I really need advice on the range of temperatures they run, i couldnt find this simple information on any manufacturers page. They do say that the fridge runs 20 degrees lower than ambient temperatures but what is the actual temperature range they can maintain?

Thank you