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    Question EVX-2 ESC when in LVD does not allow to be turned off?

    Curious behavior, just making sure it's supposed to be that way.

    Yesterday (I finally had the time) and bashed until the LVD kicked in (50% throttle, slow blinking red).
    Okay, time to end the fun and go back home. When I tried to turn the Summit off, the ESC would not respond and continue to blink slow red. I had to disconnect the batteries.

    When I connected a charged Lipo, light was solid green again. So I guess all is good

    My previous runs weren't long enough to reach LVD levels, so this has not happened before.

    Could not find this in the manual or the forum. I found it rather unintuitive to have to physically disconnect the battery instead of just turning it off.

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    Unplugging the batteries is the way to turn off Traxxas ESC's I dont know why but thats how they are. I believe the tag on the battery lead off the ESC says to unplug the battery instead of turning of via the button.
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