Picked up a Slash 4x4 Ultimate last week and I'm already ready for more power, less heat. Currently running the included motor with 18 tooth pinion and 54 tooth spur on 2S LiPo and its getting pretty hot, even with the motor and esc fan. Since everything is still new, it looks like I can make a little money off this setup towards a upgrade to the Mamba Monster 2200.

I'm just bashing this truck. No plans to race. Planning on doing the Mamba Monster 2200 motor and ECS and running on 4S LiPo batteries. From what I've read, I know I'll have to upgrade the axels to MIP, is there anything else I will have to tweak to run this setup?? Diffs?

Is anyone else running this setup?? What are the gearing suggestions?? Any problems with heat?? I also wanna do 2.8 wheels and tires, would that create any problems??

The newb thanks you.....