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    More parts, more questions?

    I got my stuff from Jeff Wholt today. The shaft looks great but I'm having problems making everything fit.
    The shaft didn't fit into the aeromarine coupler so I had to drill that out a little bit. The coupler is insanely close to hitting the tray. It's as tight/short as it can be but it's still about 1mm from hitting on either side. The shaft goes through the tube no problem, but it seems too long. I'd estimate there is an inch or more of shaft sticking out of the back of the strut BEFORE it reduces to fit the drive dog. That brings up something else... the drive dog is too small to fit the shaft. They are literally the same size so I'll have to do some filing or drilling to make that work. Also, the set screw in the Octura drive dog is (I think) 1mm... smaller than any allen wrench I have... so I'll need one of those. Long story short... this is a HUGE pain!

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