I have the TQi system, running the Traxxas Link app on a iPod. It's great, I've decided to make it my RC system of choice. Setting up and running Traxxas models is easy, creating a Custom Profile is easy. Response, range, etc. is good enough I'm using the TQi system on a HEAVELY MODIFIED Slash 4X4 for racing, and a 1/5 buggy.

And with the 1/5 buggy is where the problem arises. Big, powerful, gas buggies require a ignition "Kill Switch", the same as AMA has required for gas powered Large Scale aircraft for years. Currently the only ignition "Kill Switch" suitable for 1/5 gas vehicles is made by "Killer Bee". And all Traxxas 2.4 GHz radio systems are listed as "Incompatible".

Here is the text of a post I made on a 1/5th Scale Forum:

I watched the two Killer Bee video's about the kill switch early this morning, and started wondering why the Traxxas 2.4 GHz radios are not compatible, so I asked and here's the reply.

"The way the built-in failsafe is designed on Traxxas radios prevents the kill switch from knowing when there is a radio glitch. It will kill via an Aux button but not during a glitch."


OK, turn down the glitch sense to avoid a possible false cut off, run manual off the Tx on CH 3, that work for me. Think I'll order one. And talk to Traxxas to see if there is a possible upgrade for the TQi Tx in the works taking this info into consideration. So far every new TQi Rx (not the Link Rx) I have has received a firmware upgrade once bound to the Tx with the iPod running the Link app. Wanna bet Tx firmware can be updated the same way?

Well, Traxxas?