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Thread: Kumho tires

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    Kumho tires

    hey all, I just got myself a slash and I love it so far. Its not my dirst rig, but from what people say, everyone should own a slash and thus far its durability is through the roof.

    Anyway, the stock BFGs look awesome, but are just horrible for any terrain i have at my house so i bought a set of Aka city blocks for the rear of the truck for better traction. im no racer, just a backyard "racer" and basher and i know i cannot run those tires on the street if i want them to last. my buddy just bought my rustler and he loves the look of the BFGs on the rustler and suprisingly they do alright on his rig so i wan to sell them to him and get another cheap set of tires for the truck for when im bashing on all terrain. i have looked all over for info on the Kumho road ventures, but cant find anything but vague comments. what im wanting to know is as follows..

    what is the difference between the stock compound on RTRs and the S1 "super soft" compound?

    I want to get a set of the kumhos in s1 for general bashing on dirt and the street. does the S1 compound hook up any better than the RTR compound and do the kumhos work even slightly better than the BFGs? it seems to me that they should work a little better since the lugs arent quite as aggressive, but like I said, i cant find much online that helps me out. All i really need is a set of tires that will last a while (easy enough since they wont be on the truck constantly), I can run on the street (seems to me any traxxas tire will hold up fine since its not a true race tire), and lastly, will do decent on dirt. i would really like my set of basher tires to be just a set of traxxas 1:1 replicas since they look so good on the truck, but I cant justify the purchase if the s1 tires are just as bad as those stockers i just took off. thanks for the input!

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    The S1 compound really won't make enough difference to be worth it. Dynamite and Duratrax make some nice scale looking basher tires that work better than stock.

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