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    canyon tire repair

    out bashing with my dad, my dad rearended my car and ripped my tire, the tire is still salvageable, just need to know how to repair a rip in the canyon tire, thanks in advance
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    Pictures? I find a little super glue works good

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    I used Losi tire glue on a Trencher sidewall. I made sure the ripped place was as clean as I could get it. Test fit the rip so you know how the edges go together and can get it as close to original as possible once you stick them. Canyons are flexier (is that a word?), someone else may have a better suggestion.
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    I normally use a CA debonder or acetone to remove the glue from the tyre and rim on the ripped side and fix with a bicycle tube patch and the re-glue to rim. This has been working well for me so far; the tyre I repaired was for my eRevo which I run 6s in. So far still holding after 2 months of been repaired.
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