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    Building a Slash.

    So My 4x4 isn't that great in sand so i'm building a 2wd.

    So i'm going with this roller

    and these upgrades.

    Traxxas 3743X Aluminum Steering Bellcranks Red
    Traxxas 3139X Aluminum Turnbuckle Red
    Traxxas 3741X Aluminum Camber Link Turnbuckles Red
    RPM Slash 2WD Rear Suspension A-Arms Black
    RPM 80242 Front Suspension A-Arms 1/10 Slash 2WD Black
    Traxxas 3767X Aluminum Shock Caps Red
    Traxxas 3636X Aluminum Steering Blocks Red
    Traxxas 3632X Aluminum Caster Blocks Red
    Traxxas 3652X Aluminum Stub Axle Carriers Red
    RPM 80522 Transmission Gear Cover Black

    So as far as i know is all i need is a servo, body, and radio correct? are the stock shacks decent at all? with aluminum caps?

    I have a Velinon 3500 and a dead esc, I was looking at a cheap 60A esc to get the truck going or will that be too small?

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