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    Exclamation Track Etiquette... and losing our minds.

    I was at our local indoor track today testing out some mods I have been doing to my 2x4 Slash in an attempt to make it more track worthy, and heaven forbid, race-worthy. Its a smaller track, made more for buggies, so it is very technical, SCTs look like bulls in a china short trying to get around some of the corners and jumps, I'm always afraid I am going to squash one of the little guys (look up Bambi meets Godzilla on youtube).

    Anyways, it was pretty crowded, but everyone seemed to having a good time, even though there were a lot of trucks on the track. Everyone had a good laugh when five trucks, 2 SCTs and 3 buggys, came together on the back side of a jump, it was one big expensive ball of plastic, rubber and batteries. All trucks came away unscaved and continued around the track.

    So, there was on guy running a B4.1, and kept parking himself at the exact same spot on the driver's stand, and somehow he felt ownership over that two-foot square. Well, he went down to fiddle with his truck for about 10 minutes, a cute girl and her boyfriend took up his spot and started running their buggies around the track. When the guy came back he threw an absolute fit, ranting about how that was HIS spot and how dare those two not see that he had already established himself there. The boyfriend calmly noted that no one was there when they got up to the stand, and it shouldn't be that big of a deal for this guy to be just a couple of feet to the left or the right. This cranked up this guy even more, talking about how newbs like them shouldn't be allowed to run if they don't know the rules. With that, the guy stormed back to the pits and gave the couple stink-eye until their batteries died and he could reclaim his territory. The boyfriend and I chuckled about it after the guy stormed off, he said that he would have gladly moved to another spot if the guy would not have been a jack-wagon about the whole thing.

    So, I know there's normal etiquette at the track:
    - Never run your RC in the wrong direction when there are other drivers on track
    - Don't lean on the rail, you obstruct other driver's field of view
    - Don't drive from the track if there are other drivers, drive from the driver's stand
    Of course there are others, but is there an unspoken rule that you own a particular spot on the driver's stand? Most of the time when I returned from flipping my truck, and about 10 others, the spot I was in was taken by another driver, it really didn't seem like a big deal to move somewhere else, I got to see the track from a different angle. Of course, I am a newb at running on tracks, so I likely don't know all of the unspoken rules.

    I think some people, in the heat of the battle, forget that we are playing with toys, expensive to be sure, but still just toys. The point of it is to have fun, not to give yourself a heart attack.
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    Wow, what a turd. He should not of gotten that mad over a 2 foot area...
    forget that we are playing with toys, expensive to be sure, but still just toys.
    THEY. ARE. NOT. TOYS!!! They are hobby grade remote controlled models, duh!
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    That guy sounds like a real piece of work! I've never been to a track that had any type of reserved anything for anybody. Well, maybe if there's a handicap ramp, but that obviously has nothing to do with the guy at your track. Those are the people that really hurt this hobby (especially the racing scene). IMHO, the race director should have black flagged him for the day and maybe for good if he came back with the same mind set next week.

    Pretty much any time I've been racing or even practicing at a track, once you move from your spot on the stand, it's fair game. It happens all the time to everybody. Something as small as going to retrieve your car during practice if there are no marshals, to something like forgetting to plug a transponder in before a race will lose your spot on the stand, even if it takes you less than a minute to get back up there. How is somebody supposed to know that you were standing there a minute ago if you're not there when they walk up?

    Luckily I haven't encountered anybody like this before. At my track, the worst we deal with is sometimes if you have to move from your spot momentarily, the guy to the left and right of you will widen their stance when you leave. It's all in good fun and you just need to push and squeeze your way back in.

    If you really want to mess with this guy, get some police crime scene tape and rope off the section of driver's stand that he claims as his. Maybe a sign that says something like "this spot reserved for school girls". That may just shame him into finding a new place to race.

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    What fancy toys do to grown ups...same thing with exotic cars. Lots of people seem to forget that they're just cars and put them in a higher spot than anyone or anything else.
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    That guy sounds like he has issues really, thankfully I've not encountered someone that bad when club racing. Worse is not too bad really, there's a guy who is a little short tempered, he's quick and gets very annoyed if marshals don't get to his car quickly enough, or if a newbee runs into him or blocks his when he's already been lapped. A bit unfair I think, club meets are generally light-hearted fun affairs, winning is nice but it isn't he end all be all. Its fun, not a job!!! Not at that level anyway.

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    WE have a couple who acted up like that. This is why our track is not allowed to be open unless 2 members of the Board of the RC club is present. And they handle that kind of stuff...

    Oh, and when it happens like this. The direction of the track is sometimes reversed right then and there....

    The guy wants the same spot because he can not adjust his driving for the different location... Hence why our track direction may get reversed to keep everyone on their toes.....

    Ignore the guy, he's going to get himself into other problems down the road if he's that possessive of his driver's stand spot... Sheesh.....
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    Of course, I dont believe in revenge or cynical behavior BUT...that guy would have been on the receiving end of my UNDIVIDED attention the remainder of the day. I would have made sure he knew NEWBS didnt know how to drive their cars around his. And, if some of my paint happen to find its way onto his car, he would remember me always. I would have to find out just how many times I could make him flip his car.

    Yes, I would have PROBABLY been asked to leave and never return to that track, but when the local lore included my name in the story of Dan vs "That guy"....banishment NOT in vain!

    I think the guy was just lucky the other fella didnt want to show off in front of his girlfriend and place a couple of "pop-knots" on his forehead in a wishbone formation.
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    Wow that stinks. At my LHS"s carpet track there's guys that let me use there battery's cause I run out of juice
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    That guy sounds like a total newbie...

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    Sadly he probably wasn't a newb, some people just think they are it! I guess he needed to be the man somewhere!

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    hey ntro naught what track do you race at im in south florida too. i go to the one in boca at the rc park

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    Accepting requests for bashing at GREENWOOD BASHPLEX in Pittsburgh PA!! Check the thread in the track buddy forum and reply there or pm
    I like to have the same area on the stand. I do not cry if someone is in my preferred spot. At my track, there are "reserved" signs all over the pits. That ticks me off, but not enough to be a 3 yr old about it... Maybe these guys have made donations to the track and have bought these pit spaces... Dont know, dont care. Dont sweat the small stuff. Glad your friend kept his cool with such an ignoramus. When you argue with an idiot, the spectators just may have a tough time figuring out who the idiot is...
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