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Thread: On Road Tires?

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    On Road Tires?

    I was looking in to getting the proline road rage pre-glued tires for my e maxx. I only run 4s. Does anyone run or know if this is a good option. Aslo would there be a lot of ballooning ( I wouldn't think it would due to the short sidewall).

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    what ever tire you get I would tape..a look around this thread there is alot to look at

    taping tires & balancing

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    I use the road rage 3.8's and love them...they are such an awesome tyre. Every now and then my mate sticks them on his eMaxx and gives them a burn. They are awesome and you should have no issues on 4s.

    I have mine mounted on desperado black chrome rims with 1/2" offset. Have a look at post said above tyre taping and balancing make a world of difference. Good luck mate .
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