Took out my revo today to run a little bit with it, and upon starting to drive i noticed
one of my rear tires were wobbling like crazy.

Obviously this is nothing good and creates excessive vibrations which can damage other
parts so i proceeded to inspect the truck as following.

1. Checked if both wheels had the same amount of play, they did.
2. Took the wheel off and re-attached it a couple of times, still wobbling and pretty much the same amount.
3. Checked if the tire were glued to the rim properly still, it was.
4. Squeezed the tire all around, sure some water came out of it but still nothing which could
cause the wobbling when you actually see it by spinning it by hand.
5. Took the wheel off again, checked the hub and the pin itself which holds the hub, looked all good.
6. As im using RPM True-Track Rear A-arms i checked if the driveshaft were set into it properly and
the bearings, all good there as well.

Well that's what i've done in order to try to find what could cause the wobbling and im pretty much stuck
now. Any ideas on what else i can do in order to find out what makes the wheel think its in hawaii and
dancing hula hula?