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    Nitro 4 tec battery for easy wand 4580

    Hi I bought a new/used nitro 4 tec pro .15 and it didnt come with a battery or charger. Im trying to look it up online but the ends look different. Does anyone know which battery I need for this. All help is appreceiated thanx in advance.

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    The original battery uses a standard tamiya plug.. may be called something else but thats what they use.. your LHS should have something that will fit and also a charger to go with it.. Dueto the size of the wand, its difficult to replace the connector inside. I have one battery left for mine to start my Tmaxx and Nitro 4tec.
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    Your typical 6 cell stick is what you need. Most have the tamyia/molex type plug.

    I have a brand new traxxas one I could part with (1500mah 6 cell with the right connector you need). Never been used (came with a RTR kit) but has been sitting for 6 months. I dug it out and I am cycling it now to see if its still good, had 6.8V on it. $12 shipped to anywhere in the US.

    Identical to this:

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