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Thread: My EMaxx

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    My EMaxx

    I have wanted one of these for ever.
    I finally got one in a trade.

    It has a 120A 1/8th Brushless system.
    I swapped the bumpers and skids out for aluminum.
    I added a Proline Chevy CGR body. (I need to get a bigger spare tire though.)
    I put on Summit wheels and tires.

    This thing pulls wheelies with just the LiPo's hooked up in parallel.
    Can't wait to run it in series. (It should scream)

    Hope you enjoy!

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    like the body... it is the right brand
    once you go to series you will blow the tires right off the rims. The Summit tires are to soft & will Balloon like crazy, unless they have been taped..
    Would you go flip my truck back over??

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    I'm diggin the pink!!
    God is good.

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    The magenta looks good mate...well done .
    Rock n Rolla !

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