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    Broke something need help.

    I was spinning my summit around on it's back trying to flip it back over and the front wheel hit a stake in the ground. I heard a snap and now it's no longer 4x4. What could have broken? It's not an axle or at least it doesn't appear to be. One front wheel seems to be engaged with something because when I spin it there is a slight resistance. The other spins freely. Any ideas? Thanks.

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    So no power to either front wheels?
    Check front driveshaft from trans to front diff if that is intact it narrows down the search
    was the diff loc on at the time?
    Check the wheel that has no resistance
    Pull the axle out check the stub and joints. If they are good into the diff we go.spider gears would be my next place to look

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    You may have stripped the said above you may have to open your diff up to have a look. It may seem daunting in the beginning to do but there is not much to it.

    This is how you remove the diff. Good luck mate...I hope you get it sorted.
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