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    Same Old New Stuff... Thanks Traxxas (Ranting about Traxxas Names)


    Traxxas really surprised us with the new dragster, I would have never thought they would have gone into a niche market like that, but here we are. One of the key things about it is its total lack of versatility, most Traxxas RCs can be reconfigured to be other things, but the only thing I can see doing with the dragster is using the axles to make a crawler...

    Now the 1/10 Rally is out, which has a lot of us, me included pretty excited. No, really don't want a rally car, like a lot of Slash 4x4 owners, I want its chassis... Hello E-Bay! But, in reality, it is just a 4x4 Slash with a lower chassis and shorter arms; just like the 2x4 Slash is just a Rustler with longer arms and a much cooler body...

    Everyone at work knows I am a RC geek, so when they are thinking about getting into it (beyond the toy-grade) I always bring up Traxxas, newb friendly, tough as nails and reasonably priced. But, I normally lose them when I start talking about the indiviual RCs, having to explain the difference between two RCs that have the same drive train, but slightly different chassis and arms. It would make A LOT more sense if Traxxas would rethink its naming convention and do something a little more practical and easier to understand.

    Take a look at the trucks with the Magnum 272 tranny, you could lump them into one name with a designator, call them all "Slash"...

    Slash SC = Slash 2x4
    Slash MT = Stampede 2x4
    Slash T = Rustler
    Slash B = Bandit
    (Plus, I have never been a fan of the cowboyish names, 'Bandit'... Really?!?)

    The 4x4s would need a name of their own, lets say "Phantom", any name will do really...
    Phantom SC = Slash 4x4
    Phantom MT = Stampede 4x4
    Phantom R = 1/10 Rally (at least they didn't come up with a corny name for this one)
    Phantom T = For that Rustler-like 4x4 that the Rally will be turned into.
    Phantom B = For the Backslash crowd.

    Some Traxxas naming conventions have made sense, T-Maxx and E-Maxx. Although, I always thought it should have been N-Maxx, but T-Maxx sounds cooler and T=Traxxas. Look at all of the 1/16 Traxxas RCs, imagine how simpler it would be to understand if they were disignated by what they were and not by the 1/10 scale counterparts. The hard one would be the E-Revo, it would be called Revo MT, what would you call the Summit, Revo RR (Rock Racer)? Or Revo L (lockable Diff)? You already have the Revo SC in the Slayer, but now we are bringing Nitro into the mix, its a dying bread, let it go peacefully...

    Plus, by going to a more practical naming convention you'd be saving the moderators time, and the forum servers LOTS of disk space, imagine how much room all of the, "Can I convert my 2x4 Slash in to a 4x4?" threads takes up...

    Once again, Thanks Traxxas for the LCG 4x4 Slash chassis, next I want RC names that make sense.

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