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    opinions on a 1/16 e-maxx?

    i just wanted to ask what all of you think about a 1/16 e-maxx? in my opinion i think it would be really kool. especially if you could use 540 motors on it just like the 1/16 e-revo. and i was thinking that if they actually made a scaled down version of the maxx chassis that would be really kool. and if they were able to get 8 shocks on it.
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    You couldnt do 8 normal shocks, they would have to be smaller than the MAXX/Pede/slash shocks. I personaly bought the maxx because of its size, and if you want a smaller MAxx theres the 'pede. If you want a really small maxx, kinda defeats the purpose, dosnt it?
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    Their called a Maxx for a reason But a mini-Maxx could be an amusing project.

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