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    am i doing something wrong or just have bad luck

    ok so i get my e-revo built and rtr. i then spend to night trying to get the servos to work proberly and the tx and rx to communicate proberly. then finally get to drive it...for 5 minutes till it blew out the rear pinoin coupler. i fixed it and then spent another day or two jacking with the servos and tx/rx finally get it all working again take it out and with in 2 minutes it blows out the same coupler again. this time losing the pin on the inside. so now i got to find another pin for it. my LHS doesnt have them so i ordered some from (will never ever use them again) placed the order on tuesday morning 2-3 day ship should see them by friday saturday. nothing ever shows up so i keep waiting. finally 9 days later i call to see whats the deal. they tell me that the order hasnt been shipped because of an unconfirmed address. that sent me over the egde i told them a simple phone call or e-mail to me asking to confirm the address would have been fine but instead they just dont ship it( i paid shipping) i told them tocancel the order and refund me 100% of my money. they said they didnt want to lose me as a customer so i said the package better be in my mail box by saturday(today). package shows up today i get the e-revo all back together go to charge the batterys and come up in error for uneven cell levels ironic because my venom lipo is doing the same thing. idk if my charger (traxxas 2933) is bad or all my lipos are, but there may be a p2de an erbe on the market soon
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    not sure why its astrict out but the batterys are ...

    the battery you are trying to talk about is banned on this forum as is the website they come from and other bran name batteries that website sells. Please avoid discussing them on this forum in the future.

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    that is some bad luck you are have'n. Well I hate to say it but you should have drained the lipos down to 3.85 ish.....some how discharge on the charger or the light bulb trick or run them on the truck just no wheels, or something. If you can getthen to charge & cycle a few times, are they puffed up really big..
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    I've had that happen to me before. I went out and bought an exrernal balancer and just left it on until the cells evened out. I think it took one of my packs something like 9 hours to balance out, but it did work. After that, i made sure i ran the crap out of them for a few cycles and then they bounced back.
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    well you can used the 142 mm dogbone from hpi part No:86054
    HPI 86277 HD Cup Joint
    also for the front dogbone
    HPI Racing 86233 Dogbone
    i'm using this setup as the losi drive shaft coupler mod didn't work the pin came out and destroyed my bulkhead 4 times.
    or just buy a kershaw designs dogbone kit. hahaha i had the EXACT same problem as you i tried the whole heat shrink tubing method the pin pierced tight through.

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