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    servo capacitor fell off....

    so the other day when i finished a tank through my t maxx i herd a sound that sounded like a rock caught somewhere in the truck so i went through the whole thing i thought i got rid of it and test drove it and well the sound came back... so i went through it all agian and this time i took apart the stock traxxas 2070 servo took the gear cover off and nothing. then i took out the circuit board and found something ive never seen or herd of. the capacitor some how broke off the board. is the servo ok to use considering ive driven it a tank or 2 like that.. or what could happen if i didnt get a new servo. sorry for the book long post lol. thanks for any help

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    Saw the title and while reading waited to read "2070." It happened to me a couple years ago and I've only heard about a dozen or so others say this happened to them. My servo was new so it was covered by warranty and I got a new one.
    With the servo in that condition it didn't seem to affect the performance. I'm no electronics engineer but I would still think it has to serve a purpose and didn't want to risk something else happen.
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    The capacitor is to help with voltage regulation when under heavy loads.... Most times when components fall off circuit board is because the legs got hot enough to melt the solder... Could you run it still without damaging the receiver? Good question right??

    The answer is unknown since we do not know what caused the capacitor to fall off.

    I say upgrade your steering servo, if this is the throttle servo then take your current steering servo move it to the throttle and get a nice beefy steering servo....

    Also is this is your throttle servo, I would be very concerned, no failsafe or throttle return spring is going to help you if it goes haywire and you end up with a WOT runaway.......

    I don't feel it's worth the risk....

    I understand the 2070 is for the steering, not the throttle, but this post was more than a general posting for others to read as well while answering the OP's question.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nitronaught View Post
    Most times when components fall off circuit board is because the legs got hot enough to melt the solder...
    In my case, that happened twice on a 2055 and 2075 servos, but the legs were removed from the capacitor and stayed on the circuit board.

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    i had it happen on a 2070 also, replaced it with a 2075 and have had no issues

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